Sonship the Ritual Passage to Manhood

"We lead the mighty"


Workshop Curriculum


The program objective: to bring sanity, honor, integrity, ethics, responsibility, and accountability between fathers and sons; ages 10 - 80. Sons must develop the skills of being an independent thinker as well as a human being of good character.

Character Development

  • Character, what is it?

  • Ethics, integrity, honor, responsibility & accountability

  • The value of learning how to say "NO"!

  • Attitude/Body Language

  • Biology what is it really? Puberty and Sex

  • Where do we go after sex?

  •  Love vs. Lust

  • Sex, what it is not?

  • Lies about Sex and the dishonesty taught by parents.

  • The importance of Sex vs Love 

  • Sexual Hygiene

  • Sexually transmitted diseases 

  • Facts of same-sex relationship



  • Male Hygiene

  • How to select clothing for any occasion.

  • Grooming, clothing and what it says about you!

  • Behavior/ Manners


Being a Son - Becoming a Man

  • Becoming a man vs being a male

  • Being your Father's Son vs being your Mother's are they the same?

  • Fatherhood vs being a “Baby Daddy”

  • Father of Character, Values, Choices

  • What kind of son am I if I don’t know, care for or hate my father.

  • What kind of a father will I be?

  • Community, safety and protection of women, children and the law


Personal development

  • Manners, politeness, courtesy, dignity and social graces for men

  • Communication, what is it really?

  • Communication vs Talking

  • Communicating with Males vs Females

  • Communicating with Females

  • Quality to look for in a mate/girlfriend

  • Qualities in a wife?

  • Male brain vs Female brain

  • Marriage vs. ‘kicking’ it’

  • Decisions Making and the effect


Academic Skill Development

  • Understanding the value of learning

  • Learning How To Learn

  • Tutoring

  • A process for being a scholar

  • School; what is it?

  • Grades

  • Training vs Education

  • College vs University

  • More as needed