Fatherz and SunZ Friends For Life





The SunZ Foundation is founded with fathers and sons in mind; all males are sons. Yusef Sudah founded the SunZ Foundation after years of facilitation and 45 years of working with youth. "Sonship the Ritual Passage of Manhood" is a program with remarkable success.


He inherited this charge is a result of recognizing a need to improve understanding, improve communication skills among our youth and to heal the family; especially the relationship between fathers and sons.


Mr. Yusef Sudah is a father of nine sons and two daughters, he understands the valuable role of being both a son, father, and grandfather. He saw the need to aid males to receive the skills of decision making, become independent thinkers and persons with good character. Clearly, manhood is a vital part of male development and community stability and family safety.


Becoming a father must begin with being a good son!

Workshop topics


  • Character Development

  • Communication skills

  • Grooming

  • Being a Young Man

  • The Biological Truth of Sex Education 

  • Tutoring Services

  • How to Study

  • Career Decisions

SunZ Foundation 
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