Kidshop Y.E.T.  

Youth Entrepreneurship Training program


Business Training Curriculum

A program for Future Entrepreneurs.


Kidshop Y.E.T. is a grade school - high school training program that starts young minds toward entrepreneurial skills.


We begin by training youth in the rudiments components of business/entrepreneurship. Our trainees will progress from Kidshop Youth Entrepreneurship Training to Young Educated & Talented, an extension of the Y.E.T. program.


All training is geared to prepare young men to become entrepreneurs who will know the ropes while creating business ideas and eventually are paid from the profits of their business. Each young person will be trained to incubate their ideas, develop them into a profit-making enterprise while learning skills in Advertising, Marketing, and Promoting. 


These young adults will eventual work in the Kidshop YET program's "Small Business Service Center" a joint venture of the Kidshop YET and Sunz Foundation to learn management, management training, staff development, sales and marketing.


Training is done personally by Mr. Ocie Howard Burton II and Mr. Yusef Sudah.


Our motto is... “GET IT DONE.”