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Funding Goal: 


Acquire resources and funds needed for completing Plan, programs, projects to deliver services character needed by young males to become competent men in their fields of study.

It has been determined by the organizational team of SunZ Foundation that communication is a vital tool required within the community to improve stability within the individual, the family,  business and social organizations, and between other nationalities.


SunZ Foundation is structured with two vital links; an elder advisory board and a youth advisory board of five, seven or nine members each to hold office for three through five years.



  • Board Chairman:

  • Youth Entrepreneur Advisor

  • Entertainment advisor

  • Project Development advisor

  • Social issue advisor

  • Youth Parent advisor

  • Youth Entrepreneur Advisory



Elder Advisory Broad ages 36 - 85 plus

  • Board Chairman: Management Trainer: Yusef Sudah

  • Political Advisor:  Sen. Joseph Neal

  • Research Advisor:  Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro / Trainer

  • Youth Advisor:  Dr. Douglas Gardner / Trainer

  • Parental Advisor:  Dr. Al Giourrier / Trainer

  • Youth Entrepreneur Advisory:  Ocie Burton II / Trainer

  • Senior Entrepreneur Advisory: